Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Why Do Hillary's IT People Plead the 5th?

I've been sitting outside on the deck over 3 hours now. I have had the Congressional hearings from yesterday on my mind. I have been listening over and over to Hillary's IT people plead the 5th. One refused to appear even though he was subpoenaed, has already been granted immunity by the Department of Injustice, still pleads the 5th when he does show up, and I can't help but wonder what are they hiding?

If you did nothing wrong why plead the 5th?

What I can't understand even more is why the Democrats are protecting them and blasting the Republicans for having the hearings. If there is nothing to hide why not get the truth out so we can move on? The same with the media. Does anyone truly believe if Hillary was a Republican the media and the Democrats wouldn't be raising Cain?

For those who think I am raising these questions just because it's Hillary, I tell you if it was George W. Bush who I like and admire, I would be asking the same questions. Right is right.

You don't plead the 5th over and over again if you have nothing to hide. You don't plead the 5th and refuse to show up for a subpoena when you have already been granted immunity unless you are guilty of more than the immunity covers.

In all my years in law enforcement I never heard the 5th Amendment pleaded as much as I have in the past year. Think of that, all the times added together, would not add up to the amount of times just Hillary's IT people pleaded the 5th. That is amazing.

Something is up. How even Hillary's most ardent supporters can't see this amazes me. We now live in a country where the rule of law doesn't matter unless you fit in a certain demographic as defined by the elite.