Thursday, November 20, 2014

Satans Soldiers Of ISIS Are Spreading

Libya Beheading: Jihadists Post Online Video Of Soldier's   Murder

ISIS is spreading its horror.  In Libya there have been at least 4 beheadings this week.  Ahmed Muftah el-Nazihi, a soldier with Libyan general Khalifa Hiftar's forces, is shown in a video posted online by ISIS-linked militants Thursday. The short clip shows him making a statement, and then being beheaded by Islamic militants.     

The video shows Ahmed Muftah el-Nazihi, a soldier who was fighting with Hafter’s Operation Dignity Forces, saying to the camera: “I advise those who were with me ... to leave these activities and go back to their houses or they will face the same destiny: beheading.”

He is then brutally beheaded with a knife, and his head is placed on his body, according to a report from the Libya Herald. A message introducing the clip says that the beheading is a retaliation to military actions carried out by Haftar's Operation Dignity forces.

The killing is the fourth such murder in Libya this week, after the beheaded remains of three young activists from Derna were discovered Tuesday. Siraj Ghatish, Mohamed Battu and Mohamed al-Mesmari had posted information about what was taking place in the city on social media, and were kidnapped by militants earlier this month, according to the BBC.   

                                      ahmed muftah el nazihi libya beheading
                                                       Ahmed Muftah el-Nazihi   

I can't even begin to imagine the horror these victims must feel just before their heads are removed.  Only someone possessed by Satan could do these horrific acts!  !This EVIL must be stopped!!

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IMAGES: 2 of the 3 activists in , Libya beheaded by Islamic jihadists just 3 months after being kidnapped.

Derna is now reportedly under the control of the Islamic Youth Council, a branch of the al Qaeda-inspired Ansar al-Sharia, who have pledged loyalty to the Islamic State group, or ISIS, carried out public executions in the town and engaged in battles with other militant groups that have resulted in civilian deaths.


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