Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Muslim War on Christians Continues and Escalates

                                     The Muslim War on Christians Continues and Escalates

Christians Murdered in Nigeria 2
                                                             Christians murdered by Muslims in Nigeria.

As the un-Holy Month of Ramadan comes to a close, I thought it would be a good time to remind people of our Christian Brothers and Sisters who are being murdered for no reason except because they are Christians and refuse to convert to the EVIL CULT of islam.

We must Pray for our Christian Brothers and Sisters!!  We must spread the word about what is happening.  The media isn't doing their job.  The Christian Church is NOT speaking out enough. Pray that your Pastor, Priest, or Rabbi gets the courage to start speaking about what is happening.  There IS a Christian Holocaust under way now.  Will you sit idly by and do nothing?

Here is a partial list for 2014:

7/24/2014AfghanistanHerat20Two female aid workers for a Christian charity are shot to death by Muslim radicals.
7/15/2014NigeriaHuyim90Nine Christians are slain by Boko Haram.
7/15/2014NigeriaDille3820Pro-caliphate militants slaughter over three dozen residents and burn churches in a raid on a Christian farming village.
7/14/2014NigeriaBorno270Over two dozen Christians are massacred by Islamists, in an attack on three churches.
7/14/2014NigeriaDille14A pastor is murdered by Boko Haram. His wife and three young children are kidnapped.
7/8/2014CARBambari1714At least seventeen people are killed when Muslims attack a Catholic church sheltering civilians.
7/7/2014KenyaLamu20Two Christians are killed in their own church by Muslim radicals.
7/7/2014SudanSouth Kordofan100Ten Christians are targeted and murdered by the Islamic government, including four children and an elderly woman. Their church was also destroyed.
7/5/2014KenyaGamba10A 12-year-old Christian carrying a Bible is murdered by Islamic supremacists.
6/29/2014NigeriaChibok5491At least fifty-four people are massacred by Boko Haram in attacks targeting churches with grenades and guns.
6/29/2014NigeriaKwadakau100Devout Muslims open fire on church-goers gathered for a service, killing at least ten.
6/27/2014UgandaKyegegwa20An 18-year-old girl and an old man are murdered by machete-wielding Muslim radicals in an attack on their church service.
6/16/2014UgandaMbale10The 12-year-old daughter of a high-profile convert to Christianity is strangled as punishment.
6/15/2014KenyaMpeketoni10A father is gunned down in front of his family after Islamists identify him as a Christian.
6/15/2014NigeriaDaku2515Boko Haram militants storm a Christian village and open fire on a market, killing at least two dozen.
6/11/2014NigeriaTanjol90At least nine people are killed when Muslim radicals storm two villages and burn churches.
6/10/2014IraqMosul40Four Christian women are reportedly shot for not wearing veils.
6/7/2014NigeriaKunde70Boko Haram gunmen murder seven villagers and burn churches.
6/3/2014NigeriaJabril120Boko Haram gunmen murder a dozen villagers and burn churches.
6/2/2014NigeriaAttangara200Islamists fire through the windows of a church, killing twenty worshippers.
5/28/2014SyriaTel Hurmiz20Two Christian teens are picked off their motorcycle by Muslim snipers.
5/28/2014CARBangui3010Muslims storm a church service and shoot thirty worshippers to death.
5/25/2014NigeriaGwoza210Twenty-one worshippers at a Church of Christ are machine-gunned in their seats by Islamic extremists.
5/25/2014SyriaHoms1240'God generously makes possible' an al-Nusra suicide bomb attack in a Christian residential district that leaves twelve dead.
5/20/2014NigeriaJos162120Pro-Islamic state activists set off two massive bus bombs at a packed market in a Christian district, taking out over one-hundred fifty.
5/18/2014NigeriaKano45Two young girls are among four killed when a suicide bomber detonates in a Christian district.
5/11/2014Pal. Auth.Bethlehem07A group of Muslims attack a church, injuring seven worshippers, one of whom was stabbed.
5/11/2014CARKaga Bandoro130At least thirteen Christians burn to death after being rounded up and forced into a burning house by Muslim 'rebels'.
4/30/2014NigeriaKubla811At least eight people are killed when Islamists attack a village and burn down a church.

4/24/2014AfghanistanKabul32An Afghan cop opens fire at a Christian hospital, killing three American doctors.
4/23/2014NigeriaKauyen-Yaku174Muslims attack a peaceful Christian village and massacre seventeen.
4/22/2014SomaliaMogadishu10A girl is pulled out of her home and murdered in front of her parents by al-Shabaab for proclaiming her faith in Christianity.
4/19/2014CARPaoua10Muslim radicals kill a priest and mutilate his body.
4/16/2014PakistanLahore10A 22-year-old Christian is shot to death for refusing to embrace Islam.
4/15/2014NigeriaNwokyo90Women and children are among at least nine who die when Muslim militants torch a Christian worship center and hospital.
4/15/2014SyriaDamascus161Sunni extremists fire a missile at a Catholic school, killing a child.
4/7/2014SyriaHoms10Suspected Islamists assassinate an elderly priest.
4/6/2014NigeriaYar Galadina10550Fulani militants attack a Christian village and massacre over one hundred residents.
4/3/2014PakistanIslamabad10A young girl is murdered by the Taliban for helping her cousin convert to Christianity.
3/28/2014EgyptCairo10A Coptic woman is stabbed to death by Islamic radicals.
3/28/2014EgyptAin Shams40Four people are reportedly killed when an Islamic mob lays siege to a church.
3/27/2014SyriaKassab10Islamists invade a town, destroy churches and behead a resident for standing up to them.
3/23/2014SyriaKessab800al-Nusra and Ansar al-Sham overrun a Christian village and massacre eighty residents, mostly elderly. Thirteen were beheaded.
3/23/2014NigeriaGbajimba3610Muslim raiders massacre three-dozen villagers and burn churches.

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