Monday, September 2, 2013

Why Not Come Clean on Benghazi?

                                           If They Have Nothing To Hide, Why The Lies?


Like hopefully most Americans I've been watching the events since September 11, 2012 with great interest. Why the lies?  Why the cover ups?  What are they hiding?  Democrats, Liberals and Progressives per usual are blaming the Republicans for the scandal. Depending on which one you listen to, Republicans are either just against the President because they are racists, against Hillary because they are afraid of her in 2016, or its all their fault because of a lack of funding.

I believe in light of the fiasco in Syria and the recent events in Egypt knowing the truth about Benghazi is more important than ever!

All but the most ardent Obama/Hillary supporters surely must see by now there is a cover up.  The question is what?  What price are we paying and will we pay because of the events they are covering up?  What price will the world pay?

Is the cover up as some experts say because Obama/Hillary were running guns illegally to the Rebels in Syria?  The same Rebels video tapes have shown executing Truck Drivers, Christians, eating the heart and liver of a Syrian soldier?  The same Rebels who were caught on tape discussing where they should deploy chemical weapons?

Is the cover up as some experts say because Morsi and The Muslim Brotherhood were behind it?  The same people he had supported in Egypt!  The same Muslim Brotherhood that has been murdering Christians and burning Churches all over Egypt?  The same Muslim Brotherhood that supports al Qaida and the Syrian Rebels?  The same Muslim Brotherhood who the Egyptian Military had to remove from power because they were attempting to turn Egypt into a Sharia governed country?

Is the cover up just to hide their ineptness?

Whatever the reason for the cover up the American people deserve answers.  The families of those murdered or injured in Benghazi deserve answers.

In 9 days it will be one year since Benghazi.  We still have no answers.  No one has been held accountable. Four people basically got an almost one year PAID vacation over Benghazi. Now, they want permission to attack Syria!

Contact your Senate and House members and DEMAND answers!


It DOES make a difference!!!

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