Monday, September 23, 2013

What Muslims Are Saying About Westgate Mall Attack in Kenya

                               What Muslims Are Saying About Westgate Mall Attack in Kenya


We are told over and over Islam is a Religion of Peace, does it look like it?  Below are comments from twitter about this horrible, evil attack:

amazing how the mujahid moved with ease from training camps in somalia to thru easy bribing of officers along the way
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By the end of the spectacle kenyans will have forgotten the horrors of August 1998
is a fort like construct, the kdf firepower counts for nothing. they should beg for mercy
mujahidin @ are holding more than 100 kaffirs, all entries to their positions have been closed
the spectacle commandeered by a well trained female mujahid . they are well supplied and have taken strategic positions inside
more than 100 kenyans remain hostage at the jaws of the mujahidin @ all destined for deserved fate
months of training and planning at last pay dividends, more than 100 kaffirs dispatched for eternal misery
there will be no negotiations, the hostages are not being killed just to prolong the attack 4 the desired media effect
somaliconservative @pansomalist 21 Sep
America started the war on terror and the casualties of this war is Africa and Asia
America is hunting em for 12years. Welcome on board RT": : We shall get the perpetrators. We shall hunt them
HSM Lives On @HSM_Superstars 11h
Those jumping onto the bandwagon created by christian invasions must ask, what is there to gain by throwing away self determination?
The apostate regime opened the allowing a flood of cross bearing mercenaries to enter and massacre sons and daughters of Islam.
When you rise America will fall on its knees! When you understand, EU will disappear! When you act, the world will notice you
An exclusively christian G8 (i.e. great 8) is banking on your complacency and ignorance of the facts causing the Muslim diaspora
An exclusively christian doctrine continues to butcher sons and daughters; making way for the usurpation of Muslim resources.
Muslims are to believe Islam is not the target of christian Europe & Africa? Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Pakistan belong to you!
The alliance of christians to remove Sharia in Somalia by any means necessary is directly responsible for the event witnessed at
There are thousands and thousands of these kind of tweets on twitter, I simply posted a few. Many of the tweets must be translated. Many of them threaten the USA and the EU. Many of them celebrating al-Shabab, the Taliban's Church bombing in Pakistan, and the recent murders by Boko Haram. Celebrating the murder of Christians.
Wake up Americans! Do you think this isn't coming here? Islam must be stopped!

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