Monday, September 9, 2013

Two of The Most Important Books of Our Times

                                           Two of The Most Important Books of Our Times

Whenever I'm asked to speak at a Church I pass out a list of recommended books and websites for anyone who wants to learn the truth about the dangers Christians, The Church, and our Country face from Islam.  This is the first time in two years I have made any adjustment to the list. These two recently published books are tied for the number one slot!  I hope you all will read both books.  I have over 100 Books about Islam in my personal library, these are two of the most important:

                                        The Brotherhood: America's Next Great Enemy
                                                               Erick Stakelbeck

The Muslim Brotherhood, or Ikhwan, has engaged in terrorism, assassinations, and anti-Western, anti-Semitic rhetoric and violence for almost a century—yet few Americans realize how powerful they really are. While we focus on al Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah, it's actually the Muslim Brotherhood, the world’s oldest, most influential, and most anti-American Islamist group, that has become the preeminent voice and power in the Muslim world.

Hiding behind a cloak of respectability and expensive Western suits, the Muslim Brotherhood is installing vehemently anti-American governments and power structures throughout the Middle East and the world, as we sit back and cheer for the "democracy" of the Arab Spring.

In his new book, The Brotherhood: America’s Next Great Enemy, Erick Stakelbeck teaches us the frightening truth about this dangerous group, from his first-hand experiences investigating the Brotherhood for eleven years, interviewing its members and visiting its mosques and enclaves.

In The Brotherhood, Stakelbeck:

  • Reveals how the Obama administration has put the Brotherhood on the threshold of power at every turn
  • Examines the alarming ramifications for America, Europe and Israel of the Brotherhood’s rapid rise
  • Warns against the West’s—particularly the Left’s—shortsighted, naïve and deadly embrace of the Ikhwan and
  • Traces the group from its violent roots to its current strategy of “stealth jihad”

With Middle Eastern unrest only growing hotter, and saber-rattling at the West only growing louder, the Muslim Brotherhood’s growing global clout will remain on the front burner of American national security challenges. Revealing and disconcerting, The Brotherhood is a must-read for every American hoping to remain in a free America.

                            Crucified Again: Exposing Islam's New War on Christians 

                                                             Raymond Ibrahim 

Christian martyrdom is not a thing of the past. For Christians across the Muslim world today, it is the terrible and burning present.

In this shocking exposé, Raymond Ibrahim documents the appalling sufferings of Christians from Morocco to Indonesia, from Turkey to Nigeria—everywhere, in fact, that Islamic Sharia and the culture it has shaped hold sway. Ibrahim, a Coptic Christian born and raised in America by Egyptian parents, uses his fluent Arabic, his thorough knowledge of Muslim sources, and his contacts in Christian communities across the Islamic world to uncover the truth about the outrageous abuse Christians undergo on a daily basis and to expose and explain the otherwise unfathomable indifference of Western academia, media, and government to the greatest human rights abuse crisis of our time.

In Crucified Again you will learn:

  • The real source of Muslim violence toward Christians (it's not about race, nationality, or economics)
  • Why Muslims cannot tolerate Christian worship and Christian freedom
  • The remarkable consistency in the Muslim persecution of Christians across centuries and continents
  • The myth of historical Muslim "tolerance"—and how it got started
  • Why Islamic persecution of Christians is getting worse

This gripping book tells the unreported story of Christians under Muslim oppression with passion and utterly convincing detail.


I hope these two books will enlighten you!

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