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More Christians Murdered By Devout Muslims

                                                              Will it Ever Stop?

Below are just a few recent headlines.  Why does the mainstream media ignore this?  If it were Christians or Jews killing Muslims in the name of God the Media would be screaming for military intervention.  This has been the entire 1,400 year history of Islam, yet the media stays silent.  President Obama is doing his best to bomb Syria and intervene in their Civil War.  What about intervening where Muslims are killing Christians?  What about intervening where Churches are burned, Christians are murdered, tortured, raped, or imprisoned?  Where Christians are kidnapped, forced to convert to Islam, and treated as slaves?  Its time we as Christians need to start asking these hard questions of the media and the President!


JOS, NIGERIA (BosNewsLife)-- Islamic fighters have shot dead Christians in a roadside ambush near Nigeria's central city of Jos, church representatives said Monday, September 2.

Those killed in the attack, four kilometers (2.5 miles) off the Jos-Barkin Kadi Highway, were members of a Church of Christ in Nations (COCIN) congregation in the nearby town of Foron, according to church officials.

The Christians had been ordered out of a minibus and forced to lay on the ground before being shot last Thursday, August 29, because of their faith, the COCIN denomination leadership and a witness said.

Those killed were identified as Pam Gyang, 33, Felix John, 32, as well as Jimmy Tiger, 28, Ishaku Gyang, 40, and Dachung Monday, 20.

Christian news agency Morning Star News quoted the local pastor Pam Jang Pam as saying that the assailants "were a combined band of ethnic Fulani herdsmen and Islamic extremist mercenaries."


Also wounded, he added, were two other as yet unidentified Christians, including a pregnant woman.

Technical school student Emmanuel Sunday, who said he rode his motorbike near the murder scene, told media that he had seen the Christians and that gunmen stopped him to ask about his religion.

“When I told them I was a Christian, they asked me to join a group of people already ordered to lie down by the side of the road. I did as I was ordered to do, and then one of the men came and searched me and took money from me, including my mobile phone,” Morning Star News quoted him as saying.

“It was when the gunmen started shooting and killing those of us that were Christians grouped together that I ran into a nearby maize farm, because it was already dark. They shot wildly at me, but I escaped unhurt, except the injuries I sustained while running in the bush.”

He said  God helped him escaped to tell the story and "show the miracle" in his life.


Muslim Converts from Germany Participated in Massacre of Christians in Syria
In Syria, Christians are persecuted and murdered. According to FOCUS information, Islamist fanatics from Germany are also participating in the brutal ethnic cleansings. Around 100 converts are wreaking havoc in the civil war-wracked country.

A radical Islamic militia, in which German converts and Germans of immigrant origin fought, is said to be responsible for the attack on Christian villages on the Syrian-Turkish border on 6 August. According to FOCUS information, two western news agencies came to this conclusion.

In a recent propaganda video jihadists praise the driving out of Christian villagers in the German language. Several people were killed in the attack. The video also shows how Islamist fighters defiled the corpses of fallen Syrian soldiers with kicks to the head.

Around a hundred German Islamists are currently in Syria. According to FOCUS information, they include the former Berlin gangsta rapper Denis Cuspert alias Deso Dogg, who has joined the especially brutal Al-Nusra-Front.


40 Pakistani Christian families face hunger after Gojra elopement dispute

Published 02 September 2013  |  World Watch Monitor
Last month was the fourth anniversary of one of the worst outbreaks of violence against Pakistan's minority Christian community in the country's recent past. In August 2009, seven Christians were burned to death in Gojra, while more than 100 houses were looted, ransacked and then set on fire.
Four years on, the situation remains bleak. In July, World Watch Monitor reported that a Christian in Gojra was convicted of committing blasphemy, while a couple was arrested for sending blasphemous text messages. Another Christian was shot dead in a nearby town later that month.

In such a climate, even a relatively common occurrence, the 'elopement' of a 20-year-old Christian man and a 17-year-old Muslim woman, has resulted in a charge of gang rape, as well as the loss of livelihood for 40 Christian families. Their Muslim neighbours and landlords now refuse to hire them for daily work in their fields; a local activist says the families risk starvation.

Umair Masih, 20, eloped with his girlfriend Nadia Shabir, 17, on the evening of July 27. Both were residents of Chak (village) 375 JB, district Toba Tek Singh, about 15 kilometres from Gojra. The village consists of about 40 Christian families and 500 Muslim families.

In countries such as Pakistan where arranged marriages are still usually the norm among rural communities, young couples often leave home together, sometimes on a whim, sometimes in a determined attempt to be allowed to have their affection for each other taken seriously by their families, and sometimes as an act of desperation.

In many such elopements, local communities, and especially close family members, manage to follow and find the couple and bring them back to their families. Sometimes they are punished. It is always a scandal within the village, but the aftermath is usually confined within the family relationships of those directly involved.

Here, however, dozens of locals came out onto the road and resorted to firing guns into the air soon after they found the couple was missing. They first searched for them in the fields and then came to the houses of the Christians. The group forcibly entered their houses and told the Christians that they would take their all young women along with them to humiliate them. The mob also threatened to set their houses on fire and banish them all from the village.

The mob then decided to take along Masih's three sisters, Saba, Chanda and Mariam, and their mother Shehnaz Bibi, and to publicly humiliate them. Finally, they settled on taking Saba and Chanda along with them.

"They hit the door with the butts of their guns and forcibly entered in the house. They started beating my father and called us names," 18-year-old Saba told World Watch Monitor. Then they dragged Saba and Chanda out of the house and took them to a farmhouse.

"Dozens of men were present there. They hurled abuse at us but when some men started indecently touching us, a few of the elderly men objected to it, so they refrained from sexually assaulting us," added 16-year-old Chanda to our reporter. "We remained tied there until the next day without food and water," she said.


Egypt: Christians Killed for Ransom

Not only are the churches, monasteries, and institutions of Egypt’s Christians under attack by the Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters—nearly 100 now have been torched, destroyed, ransacked, etc.—but Christians themselves are under attack all throughout Egypt, with practically zero coverage in Western media.

Young Coptic deacons

Days ago, for example, Copts held a funeral for Wahid Jacob, a young Christian deacon who used to serve in St. John the Baptist Church, part of the Qusiya diocese in Asyut, Egypt.  He was kidnapped on August 21 by “unknown persons” who demanded an exorbitant ransom from his impoverished family—1,200,000 Egyptian pounds (equivalent to $171,000 USD).  Because his family could not raise the sum, he was executed—his body dumped in a field where it was later found.  The priest who conducted his funeral service said that the youth’s body bore signs of severe torture.

In fact, kidnapping young Christians and holding them for ransom has become increasingly common in Egypt.  Last April, 10-year-old Sameh George, another deacon, or altar boy, at St. Abdul Masih (“Servant of Christ”) Church in Minya, Egypt, was also abducted by “unknown persons” while on his way to church to participate in Holy Pascha prayers leading up to Orthodox Easter. His parents said that it was his custom to go to church and worship in the evening, but when he failed to return, and they began to panic, they received an anonymous phone call from the kidnappers, informing them that they had the Christian child in their possession, and would execute him unless they received 250,000 Egyptian pounds in ransom money.

If those in Egypt being kidnapped and sometimes killed for ransom money are not all deacons, they are almost always church-attending Christians.  Last April, for example, another Coptic Christian boy, 12-year-old Abanoub Ashraf, was also kidnapped right in front of his church, St. Paul Church in Shubra al-Khayma district. His abductors, four men, put a knife to his throat, dragged him to their car, opened fire on the church, and then sped away. Later they called the boy’s family demanding a large amount of money to ransom child’s life.

The hate for these Christians—who are seen as no better than dogs—is such that sometimes after being paid their ransom, the Muslim abductors still slaughter them anyway.  This was the fate of 6-year-old Cyril Joseph, who was kidnapped last May.  In the words of the Arabic report, the boy’s “family is in tatters after paying 30,000 pounds to the abductor, who still killed the innocent child and threw his body into the toilet of his home, where the body, swollen and moldy, was exhumed.”

As for Christian girls, they are even more vulnerable than Christian boys and disappear with great frequency.  As an International Christian Concern report puts it, “hundreds of Christian girls … have been abducted, forced to convert to Islam, and forced into marriage in Egypt. These incidents are often accompanied by acts of violence, including rape, beatings, and other forms of physical and mental abuse.”

Thus, while it is good that the nonstop attacks on Egypt’s churches have received some media attention, let us not forget the many, often young, Christian lives quietly being destroyed in Egypt, by those who would have the Muslim Brotherhood return to power.


As Christians we must Pray for Divine Intervention!!  We must Pray for Jesus to keep our Christian Brothers and Sisters strong and to start leading Muslims away from this EVIL CULT of Islam! We must urge the mainstream media to start reporting these events! We must voice our concerns to Congress!!!!

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  1. My heart breaks for these victims of evil Islam, may the dead rest with the Father of Heaven and Earth and the one's alive be made strong, injure, and be able to stay in the faith, Through Jesus the Christ, Yeshua the Messiah. Amen.