Thursday, May 16, 2013

King Barry's War on My Health

                Obama Care, The Death of the Greatest Healthcare System in the World

Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, Debbie Wasserman Schultz and the rest of the Democratic Party have destroyed the best health care system this world has ever known. Everyone who voted for them is complicit in the murder of our health care system. The main stream news media by not investigating and reporting the truth is complicit in the murder of our healthcare system.

It is May 14, 2013.  I began writing this article in late November 2012.  I'm just now finishing because I was angry when I began writing it and have learned from experience its best not to blog when angry.  Now its almost 6 months later and I am even angrier.  I guess I better finish it now before it gets even worse.

Remember how many times you heard King Barry Soetoro Barack Hussein Obama, His Highness The Great Deceiver say, " You WILL be able to keep your Dr.?"  Remember when those of us who voiced our concerns we were called racists, bigots, etc..?  Remember when he said our healthcare costs would go down?  He lied.  I know that is blunt, let me say it again, Barry lied.

I can honestly say that.  In my case its not speculation, its not an educated guess, its a fact.  Personally I can say I have lost 4 Drs. so far.  Three Specialists, and my Primary Care Dr. due to Barry's Medicare cuts.  In addition I'm having a very difficult time finding replacements who are good Drs., and  accept  new patients who have Medicare. So Barry let me say again, you lie.

Just this past week, my parents were told they were losing their Primary Care Dr. of over 20 years.  The reason, the group he has been with is going from Drs. to Physicians Assistants and Nurse Practitioners.  They can keep their Dr. IF they follow him to a private group and pay $100.00 per month EACH, in addition to their co-pay. The reason?  Barry's cuts to Medicare to help pay for Obamacare.  Hey Barry, you lie.

Not to fear though, it just got better! I just got off the phone with my Insurance Company!! I have a Dr. coming to my home tomorrow to ask me a few me a "few" medical questions, check my reflexes and vital signs, and work with my Primary Care Dr. to "assist" in developing a treatment plan to "optimize" my healthcare.  This is provided to me at no cost!  Wow!!  Oh wait! Because I have Medicare, I have NO Primary Care Dr.!  Now what?  Not to fear though, I understand he will ask if I have guns in my home and if they are properly secured.  Good luck getting an answer to that one Doc.

Remember when King Barry said your premiums will not go up?  In fact, he said the average family policy would go down $2,500.00?  My son and daughter-in-laws policy went UP $2,000.00.  In one year!!  And that's terrible Insurance with a very high deductible!! The reason?  The "affordable" care act, better know as Obamacare.  Barry, you lied again.

Remember King Barry saying we would get to keep our Hospital?  Yes, you guessed it, Barry you sneaky thing, you lied again.  For the past 13 years I went to a government run hospital, NOT a VA Hospital.  I went to that hospital in the beginning for a particular Specialist.  It was primarily for poor people, people who had no Insurance.  I didn't have Medicare at that time, I had a very good Blue Cross Policy. I was one of few Patients who used the hospital and had Insurance.  I fell in love with the hospital.  Many of the employees of the hospital were rude. Often times the Patient Care was substandard. Several times, I lay in the bed waiting for them to come refill my pain pump as I would be out of my head in pain.  The time for refilling the pump had long since come and gone and my wife would listen to Nurses at the Nurses desk laughing, joking, etc.. and would be told, "its shift change", or "Pharmacy hasn't delivered it yet."

On one of those occasions, I went into the Hospital early Monday morning, they cut my leg open to the bone, implanted antibiotic beads, wrapped the leg without closing it up and sent me to the room.  On Wednesday morning they repeated the procedure.  On Friday morning back to the OR, they removed the beads, sewed the leg up and put a PIC line in my chest so we could administer IV Antibiotics at home for 6 weeks.  My Dr. told me the pain I suffered with was the equivalent to Bone Cancer.  During this time, my pain pump was allowed to run out several times for OVER 2 hours.  I'm sure you are asking by now how I could love this hospital. Why I would continue going if I had other options.

There was a core group of unsung heroes there.  Drs., Nurses, and other Staff who were really called to work there.  They went above the call of duty so many times.  Not just with me but with any patient they came in contact with.  You could feel the love they had for the patients, for the hospital, and see how frustrated they were with having to do more with less. I love and admire those people!

I had an Anesthesiologist who had put me to sleep several times come in one night to assess me for surgery the next morning.  My wife ventilated to him about the problems we were having getting the pain pump refilled.  This man finished his rounds,  came back to my room and instead of going back to sleep in his on call room.  He  sat in my room for over two hours waiting for time to refill the pump. Just so I wouldn't have to suffer while waiting for the night shift Nurses to do their job! You don't find Drs. like that every day!!

Part of the reason I kept going to that hospital was they were always under the budget gun.  I had good Insurance and knew as many surgeries (27) and Drs. visits as I had, the income from my Insurance would in a small way help.

Because of my experience with this hospital, when King Barry began his Healthcare takeover I resisted it strongly!  I knew from experience the destruction it would cause to our healthcare system.  Paying Drs., Nurses, Staff and hospital less while requiring more can only result in a complete Government take over of the Healthcare System.  Private Hospitals, Insurance Companies, etc.. have to make a profit to survive.  With the cuts in payments from Medicare it is only a matter of time before hospitals begin closing.  They were already losing money on Medicaid and Medicare before the cuts.  Many Drs. were no longer taking Medicaid Patients.  Some had already stopped taking new Medicare Patients, now many are no longer taking Medicare Patients.  If Obamacare is not repealed or radically changed you all will start seeing the same things I've already been going thru.

My wife needed surgery 5-6 years ago.  I told one of the several Drs. who I love I was kind of frustrated with her.  I was trying to talk her into having it done there. His words to me, "Danny I wouldn't bring my dog to this place for treatment." Such is the future of Healthcare in America unless we "Change it Back."


Yes Joe, it is a "BIG DEAL", but NOT in the way you meant.



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