Thursday, April 11, 2013

King Obama

                                                                     King Obama

While this man parties,


This man is getting ready to test an atomic missile, and threatening an attack on American soil.

While this man sleeps, then jets off to Vegas for a fundraising event:

These men pay the ultimate price in a terrorist attack, on American soil, in a prolonged attack.



While he closed the White House for tours and blamed the sequester this is what he spent over $1,000,000.00 of Tax Payer money on:


While his court jester attempts to find a way around our Second Amendment:

This man sends our top fighter jets and tanks to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, and arms terrorists who chant America is next in Syria:


While this "trusted advisor" of his asked us "What difference does it make!"


This person jetted of out of the country so he wouldn't be asked the tough questions:


While this hero died:


                       At the hand of weapons allowed to walk by the actions of this "trusted advisor" of his:

                                     This man claims Executive Privilege!



While these racist try to intimidate

This man allowed his "trusted advisor":


                                                               This racist to drop charges!


   And last, but certainly not least.  While our economy and our citizens suffer.  While our military members have their benefits cut;  While citizens all over the country are having to make hard choices, he and his family host exotic, expensive tax-payer funded parties, concerts trips, etc...



Aren't these more the actions of Kings or Dictators than The President of The United States of America?  Think about this as Congress goes into Budget and 2nd Amendment debates.  Let your Congress people know what you think!



  1. Did not this type of thing trigger the French Revolution? Just asking!

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