Editor’s note: This story contains extremely graphic content that may be offensive to some readers.
New video posted on YouTube purports to show the graphic murder – execution style – of three Syrian truck drivers who did nothing more than belong  to a minority faith the local Al Qaeda affiliate does not like.
In the video, a small band of Islamist radicals with the Al Qaeda-linked ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) group is seen waving the tractor trailers off the side of an Iraqi road and then proceeds to interrogate the unsuspecting drivers about their prayer habits, trying to discover if they are Sunnis or members of the Alawite minority in Syria.
Shock Video Allegedly Shows Al Qaeda Linked Terrorists Stopping Truck Drivers on Side of Road Then Executing Them for Not Being Sunni Muslims
Al-Qaeda affiliated militant waves the trucks to the side of the road in Iraq (Image source: YouTube)
When they “fail” the Sunni jihadis’ pop roadside quiz, the truck drivers are seated in a line in the median of the road and shot in the back of their heads firing squad style by the self-appointed law enforcers, jury, judge and executioner.
The three truck drivers are shot in the back repeatedly, as chants of Allahu Akbar (Allah is the greatest) are audible in the background.
More than a dozen shots are fired into the men’s bodies, even after it appears they are already dead.
I can go on and on with documentation, but I think you see the point.  There doesn't appear to be a good side in the Syrian Civil War.  On the one side you have Assad who everyone knows is not a good guy.  He is a brutal dictator, an ally to Iran.
On the other side you have Al-Qaeda and Muslim linked Rebels executing civilians, prisoners of war, Christians, eating hearts and lungs etc....
Before we get involved, I think we need to ask ourselves, who stands to gain by US involvement?