Saturday, November 10, 2012

Lieutenant Colonel, Congressman Allen West

                                     Lieutenant Colonel, Congressman Allen West

From this point on, I will be highlighting some of those who I feel are our Nations future leaders.  I encourage all to begin supporting them with whatever resources you can, beginning today. Our country is in a very dangerous time, we must rely on God now more than ever! We need God Fearing, Honorable Patriots like Colonel West!!

As a student of The Bible and as a Pastor, I truly believe God chooses us to be born at a certain time, so He can use us in His plan.  I believe in my heart Colonel West was born at this time in history to help lead America out of this mess we are in. With that said, Colonel West is still just a man, he needs our Prayers, our moral support and our financial support.


I encourage you to go to this link and read his most recent report:

I also strongly, strongly encourage you to go to Colonel West's campaign site, the link will be posted at the bottom of this article and donate what you can. For the next 48 months we need to work to identify and support men and women of Courage, of Faith, of Honor to take our country back!

Pray for our country!  Pray without ceasing!  Pray for Israel

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