Monday, November 12, 2012

A Wake Up Call

                                                              A Wake Up Call

I am tired.  I am physically and emotionally sick.  How can the United States have elected a man who stands by and lets this be done to Christians  Pakistan, while praising the virtues of islam?

                           An Islamic mob beats up and burns infidels (Christians) in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Remember to pray for the Christians in Islamic regions all over the world.

-- courtesy: Dorianne Grech

How can the United States vote for a man who "stands down" and allows this to happen to our Ambassador, while he blames a 15 minute video, then jets off to Vegas for a fundraiser?  Then goes before the U.N., proclaims the virtue of islam, and says no one who insults the prophet muhammad will ever prosper?


How can the United States vote for a Party that boos God and Israel?  That advocated for Aborton?  That wants to force Religious Organizations to against their belief provide the Abortion pill?


People we have a problem.  We must Pray for our country!!  We MUST Pray for God to change Obama's heart!!  We MUST Pray God will lead Muslims away from the EVIL CULT of islam!!!
We MUST Pray for Israel!!

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