Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Women in Islam, Part One

                                                                Women in Islam

We are told over and over how peaceful and tolerant Islam is.  How great Muhammad treated women.  How great Muslim husbands treat their wives and daughters etc... Lets take a look at the facts, not the spin.

Dera Bugti jirga: 13 girls bartered to settle tribal feud.  The girls — aged between four and 16 — were given in Vani by a tribal jirga which arbitrated a five-month-old blood feud between the Baloch tribes of Masoori and Shahwani Masoori. Both are sub-clans of the Bugti tribe.

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A couple of weeks ago, S, who hails from Vehari in Punjab, had met the vice president of the Pakistan People Party’s Kingri women wing. The ruling party member was in town to meet her relatives and bumped into S, who had been struggling to support her two children after a gruelling divorce, she claimed.
The political activist offered her a job in Khairpur, and she jumped at the opportunity. Packing her belongings, she headed south with her two children, thinking about starting a new life, S claimed. Unfortunately this is where her luck ran dry.
Soon after S arrived in Khairpur, the lady took her to a man named A, assuring her that he would give her a job. However, the man forced her to marry him and she then found out that he had paid Rs110,000 to “purchase” her from the political leader, the woman told the police.

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“If I don’t do what he says or refuse sex, he beats me and attacks me,” she told at a local women’s shelter in Casablanca. “He then will force himself on me, but there is nothing I can do because it is isn’t illegal for him to force sex on me.”

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BAMAKO (Reuters) – More than 100 women marched against the imposition of strict Islamic law in the northern Malian town of Timbuktu on Saturday, but were dispersed by gunmen linked to al Qaeda firing shots in the air, witnesses said.

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A mother in Montreal confessed to repeatedly stabbing her teenaged daughter in the head and neck and said she did not regret what she did.
Johra Kaleki, who lives in the Dorval neighbourhood of the city, told police after the alleged crime that her daughter, then 19-year-old Bahar Ebrahimi, was rebellious and had stayed out all night.
She is accused of attacking Ms Ebrahimi in their home in June 2010. Her daughter survived, but suffered serious knife cuts to her face, neck, shoulder, and arms.

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CAIRO, Egypt -- Recent attacks against churches are driving thousands of Egyptian Christians to seek asylum in the West.
Many of them are women who fear they are targets for abduction, forced conversion, and forced marriage by Muslims.
CBN News traveled to Cairo to investigate the trafficking of young Egyptian Christian women

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