Sunday, October 7, 2012

Now More Than Ever Pray for Mitt!

                    Now More Than Ever Pray for Mitt!


Like 67,000,000 other Americans I watched the Presidential debate.  I thought like many others Mitt Romney won the debate, it wasn't even close.  For all of you, who like me think this is the most important election of our time, please let me encourage you to Pray for Mitt, his family, and the Secret Service Agents who protect them!

I'm not a conspiracy theorist.  I'm usually an optimist.  I am concerned.

President Obama is a very competitive person.  He is a vain person.  He grew up in the rough and tumble world of Chicago politics, as did many in his campaign and many of his advisors. He was humiliated, he will come back with a vengeance!  I'm not saying the President would do anything physical or have anything done to Governor Romney.  I do think the Chicago machine will do anything and every thing they can to attack him.  They will lie even more than they have been. They will start making the attacks even more dirty.  I put nothing past them!

As I said I don't think President Obama or anyone involved in his campaign would do physical harm, or have anything physical done to the Governor, however there are many people and governments who have a vested interest in making sure President Obama stays in office.  Those people, and governments, will do anything they can to assure he stays in office.

Think about it logically.  Romney has stated over and over he wants to make us energy independent.  He has a very realistic plan and the resolve to accomplish it.  If we stop buying oil from countries that hate us and who use our dollars to fund terrorists, their economies will collapse.  If their economies collapse, the people will revolt and corrupt politicians, dictators and Royal Families will be deposed.  The fundamentalist Imams will lose their power and real democracy may finally have a chance.

Oil is not the only danger.  President Obama's policies on Israel have given an opening to the Muslim world.  The Muslim Brotherhood now controls Egypt.  They are gaining power in other countries. They see a divide between the US and Israel no one has ever seen.  They see this as the best chance they have  had to rid the Muslim world of Israel.  Governor Romney has made it very clear he stands with Israel.  

Then there is Iran. Ahmadinejad & Ali Khamenei would much rather have President Obama in office!  Their stated goal is the total destruction of Israel and to bring about the return of the Mahdi.  In their mind the best way to achieve that is to get a nuclear bomb.  Governor Romney has been very clear he will not allow that.  He has a great long term relationship with Benjamin Netanyahu. There is proof Iran has agents in the U.S., Venezuela, and Mexico, armed and ready to carry out attacks.

Russia, Venezuela, and Brazil all have a lot to lose if a President Romney led us to energy independence.  President Obama gave $1.3 Billion to Brazil for deep water drilling, much deeper than the same deep water drilling he stopped in the U.S.!   Putin and Chavez endorsed President Obama, that is proof they don't want a President Romney.

In addition to the foreign dangers you have the radical left in the U.S.  I'm not talking about the typical Democrat.  I mean the radical left.  Think of the threats already from the New Black Panthers for example.  Look at the death threats Mia Love and other Black conservatives have received simply for endorsing Governor Romney and being critical of President Obama's policies.  I have never seen so much hate.

This is the most important election of our time.  Please Prayerfully consider your vote.  Please Pray for Mitt, his family and those who are assigned to protect them!


Dan Cox

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