Sunday, October 21, 2012

In The Wake of The attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, How Can ANYONE Vote for Obama?!

In The Wake of The Attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, How Can ANYONE Vote for Obama?!

I have watched in disbelief since September 11, 2012 as the truth ever so slowly comes out about this attack.  What I can't understand is not the lies or cover up by the Obama Administration, I'm used to those.  What I can't understand is how anyone, other than those who want the USA to fall, can vote for him.  Its very sad.  I can only believe many people are simply to disengaged to follow serious events in our once great country.

Do you know in some states if you are a sworn Police Officer and you observe a felony being committed but don't attempt to stop it, you can be criminally charged?  The Obama Administration watched for 7 hours as our Consulate in Benghazi was attacked.  The military had air assets an hour away they could have deployed to stop the attack, but were not given the go ahead.  Why?  Just as a Police Officer can be charged, EVERYONE, I mean EVERYONE in a decision making position who could have given the order to try to stop this horrible attack should be charged with 4 counts of accessory to commit murder, at least 1 count of accessory to commit sodomy, and numerous other charges.

From left: Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods and Sean Smith died in the recent attacks on the U.S. Embassy in Libya.

From left: Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods and Sean Smith died in the recent attacks on the U.S. Embassy in Libya.
According to the latest reports these hero's pictured above were not just murdered they were tortured and beheaded!  Look at these faces.  How can you vote for an Administration who watched this unfold in real time and did nothing?!?!  What if one of them was your son?  Your husband, father, friend??  7 hours people!  Can you even begin to imagine the horror they felt?  The pain they endured?  While people in this Administration watched in real time and did nothing?  Their bodies were so bad their families were not allowed to see them.
Look at this man!
This man, John Christopher Stevens (April 18, 1960 – September 11, 2012), was not only tortured before he died, he was RAPED!!  All while people in the current Administration watched in REAL TIME!!  It turns out he didn't die from smoke inhalation as the initial reports said, but from a broken rib puncturing his long while he was being tortured!  This man sent a cable on the day he died telling how desperate the situation was getting in Libya.  There were numerous requests by him and security professionals for added security but the requests were repeatedly denied! Not only were they denied, security personal they had were pulled!
This man IS responsible, the buck stops with him.
President Barack Obama waves as he walks off Air Force One after arriving at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, Friday, June, 1, 2012. (AP Photo/Paul Beaty) 
This man, and his employees allowed this to happen. They couldn't even call it what it was, an ISLAMIC terror attack! They have done nothing but try to cover it up.  I don't know why they have tried to cover it up.  Maybe just an attempt to hide their incompetence, maybe something more sinister, I don't know.  The facts keep coming out.  As more facts come out this administration looks even more guilty.  What I do know, is no one with any conscience could have all this happen on their watch and the following day get on that airplane and fly to Las Vegas to party with the elite and raise money for their campaign.
Someone needs to hold the people who allowed these 4 men to die such horrible deaths accountable.  Republicans, Democrats, and Independents can hold them accountable in the election.  Congress needs to have a bipartisan investigation and hold them criminally accountable.  Wake up people!  This is the most inept, dangerous, and corrupt admistration in history. Vote them out before its to late for America!

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