Friday, September 21, 2012

I am one of the 47%, an open letter to Governor Romney

Governor Romney, I am one of the 47%


Governor Romney,

I am not very happy with your comments about the 47%, of which I belong. Before getting into why, let me tell you a little about myself.

I had an accident in September of 97. Since that time I’ve had 27 surgeries, including 2 amputations on the same leg. I stopped breathing during one of the last of them and spent 4 days in ICU before they could get me off the ventilator. After the accident I was unable to work for about 9 months, but no one would hire me due to my leg and their fear I would be able to work. In the 11th month after the accident God led me to a Christian man who owned a company that was in need of a National Sales Manager. He was an M.D., although not in practice, but because of being an M.D. my leg issue didn’t scare him. Unfortunately, his business wasn’t doing well, and he knew I would have to be off work for future surgeries so he only paid me $30,000.00 per year and no benefits. I know to some people that sounds like a lot, but as you know from your business experience, its nothing for a proven National Sales Manager.

I had a series of surgeries while working there, but I did not let it make me miss much time off work. They did a bone transplant on me on a Thursday, by Monday I was back at work. I worked 12-16 hour days the entire time I was employed there. I contracted a condition called Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, which is incurable, and on the pain rating scale it is ranked the most painful chronic pain condition. According to my Orthopedic Dr., the long hours I worked is one of the reasons on Dec. 7, 2000 they had to do a below the knee amputation. I went back to work until mid July, 2001 when I tore the cartilage in my right knee trying to work on crutches. I had Health insurance, but still medicine co-pays, medical co-pays, etc.. took every dime we had. All of our savings, anything I could sell that we had accumulated, everything.

A month before my accident, my wife had just returned to work after missing a year off work for health reasons. It was the first time in 27 years of working she was unemployed. Approximately 5-6 years ago she had to go on SS Disability also. I have lost count of how many surgeries she’s had…approximately 15, and needs at least 2 maybe 3 more.

Between all of the medical bills, the medicine we have to buy every month, utilities, gas expenses, etc… we can’t hardly survive. 5 of the last 6 vehicles we’ve had were given to us by friends. They were old and high mileage, but they were transportation and we were blessed. My van with the my wheelchair lift in it was bought used by a dear friend who had received a bonus at work and was tired of seeing me struggle. Now that van is on its last leg, it smokes bad, the wheelchair lifts leaks oil all over the inside, the heat and air don’t work and I don’t have a clue what we’ll do when it finally dies. My electric chair is also on its last leg. I didn’t take one from Medicare, I got this one from someone who didn’t need it anymore. We struggle each month with which bills to pay, how much and what groceries to buy, which Drs. Appointments to keep, and which medicines to buy. I can forget ever getting a prosthesis, the co-pay was already more than I could afford, but now with Obama’s new tax on them I sure won’t be able to!

My wife and I have both worked hard all our life until my accident and her illness. I’ve never been on unemployment. Never been on food stamps. Never been on welfare or lived in Section 8 housing.

I wrote all of the above not to make you or anyone else pity us. I explained our history only so you will see how important what I am about to say is.

Governor Romney I am one of the 47%, but you DO have my vote. Not only that, but as horrible as my financial situation is I have donated to two campaigns, yours and Congressman Allen West. This is the most important election of my lifetime Governor Romney, America is in great peril and we need you! Stop shooting yourself in the foot with these kind of comments! You have NOT lost all of that 47%! Get aggressive and win this thing! America can NOT afford 4 more years of President Obama!! We need you! America needs you!  America's future is at risk!

God Bless You!

Dan Cox

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