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Ahmadinejad, Ali Khamenei, the Bomb, and Muhammad al-Mahdi

                                 Ahmadinejad, Ali khamenei, the Bomb, and Muhammad al-Mahdi

                                                        Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmadinejad speaks at the General Debate of the 66th General Assembly of the United Nations, held at the U.N. headquarters midtown Manhattan
                                                                   Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

                                                     Mahmud ahmadinejad kisses Ali khamenei's hand

                                       Mahmud Ahmadinejad kisses Ali Khamenei's hand to show
                                                                       him his honor

What do the Bomb, Khamenei, and the Mahdi have to do with America?  Everything!  These 3 are the single biggest threat the world faces.

Many people will ask who or what is al-Mahdi.  You can google al-Mahdi, but I'll explain it in a way everyone can understand.  Those who want more in depth information will have no trouble finding reliable sources.

The simple answer, for a Christian, is the Mahdi is the antichrist. Muslims believe when the end of time nears, the Mahdi will return and establish Muslim rule over the entire world.  At that time the Mahdi will rule for a period of 7, 9, or 19 years, depending on which Islamic sect or interpretation.  During that period the world will be at peace, food and riches will be plentiful.  At the end of that period, they believe Jesus will return as a Muslim, break The Cross, and Judgement Day will begin.

There is a sect of shia Muslims called the Twelvers.  They are are so dangerous even  Ayatollah Khomeini outlawed them when he ruled Iran. Ahmadinejad and Khamenei are Twelvers.  They believe it is their duty to bring about the return of the Mahdi.  It is important to note here some of the signs of the return:

According to Moojan Momen, among the most commonly reported signs that presage the advent of the Mahdi in Shia Islam are the following:
  • The vast majority of people who profess to be Muslim will be so only in name despite their practice of Islamic rites and it will be they who make war with the Mahdi.
  • Before his coming will come the red death and the white death, killing two thirds of the world's population. The red death signifies violence and the white death is plague. One third of the world's population will die from the red death and the other third from the white death.
  • Several figures will appear: the one-eyed Antichrist (Masih ad-Dajjal), the Al-Harth, Al-Mansur, Shuaib bin Saleh and the Sufyani.
  • There will be a great conflict in the land of Syria, until it is destroyed.
  • Death and fear will afflict the people of Baghdad and Iraq. A fire will appear in the sky and a redness will cover them.
What does that sound like?  Make no mistake, if Iran gets "the bomb", Ahmadinejad and Khamenei WILL use it.  They believe its their destiny.  If they get the bomb and a way to deliver it they will attack Israel and the U.S.  What has kept other countries who have the bomb from using them is the fear of mutual destruction.  Twelvers don't fear that.

President Obama and those in his administration would do will if they studied al-Mahdi.  They want to negotiate.  In order to be successful in a negotiation you must know your enemy.  If they allow Iran the time to get the bomb this world is in major trouble.

I urge you all to make sure you are ready.  Unless major, major changes are made I think we are nearing the return of Jesus Christ.  Our Bible tells us no one will know the day or time and I believe that.  I don't claim to be a Prophet, I'm not.  The Bible does however tell us of signs to be aware of.  I think all of us who study our Bible can see many of those signs.  If the demon possessed Ahmadinejad and Khamenei get the bomb I truly believe Judgement Day will be near!

Pray for those who don't know Jesus!  Pray for America, Pray for Israel, Pray for the world.  Pray for Muslims to leave the EVIL CULT of Islam and accept Jesus Christ as not a Prophet, but as their Lord and Savior!

In His Service,

Dan Cox

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