Sunday, April 8, 2012

The EVIL CULT of Islam strikes on Easter!

At Least 50 Christians Murdered by Car Bomber at Easter Mass

How much longer before we say enough is enough! What more will it take?

Pastors, Priests, and Rabbi's you better start Preaching and speaking out about this EVIL CULT!  My Christian Brothers and Sisters you better start sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with all of the Muslims you come in contact with.  We can fight this EVIL CULT with The Word of God now, or our children and grandchildren will have to fight it with the sword in our streets!

You must wake up and realize this is NOT a tiny percentage of radicals who misunderstand Islam.  These acts are committed by devout followers of the qur'an and the EVIL FALSE PROPHET muhammad.  They are doing exactly as the qur'an teaches, exactly as muhammad taught.

Because He Lives!!!

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  1. Mohammed fell. He died. He was a false prophet, and no more.
    Jesus rose. He was the Son of God.
    And Muslims, I think, in their hearts believe this. They would not be so offended if they did not, on some level, suspect that Jesus might be the Son of God.
    We will bury the Ummah, not under stone, but under the recognition of the truth-- that the way to worship God is not through the Arabs, but by way of the first scriptures, those of Jews and Christians.