Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dean Obeidallah, Hitler, Himmler and CNN

Why does Dean Obeidallah say Hitler and Himmler were Christians and Nazis were in effect a Christian Crusade?  Why would CNN have someone on air frequently who makes such claims?  Why would CNN give him a platform?  Mr Obeidallah writes a column for CNN and is on air for CNN with Don Lemon every Saturday. I wonder if the companies who advertise with CNN are aware of Mr Obeidallah's wild claims on twitter?

Mr Obeidallah likes to accuse people who warn of the dangers from Islam of being racists, bigots, Nazi's etc... but to actually claim Nazi's were a Christian Crusade is a new low even for him.  I think we all need to let CNN and the companies who advertise with CNN know how disappointed we are with Mr Obeidalla's comments.

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