Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Why Does Islam Fear Truth?

Why does Islam fear the Truth? 

What is islam afraid of?  If islam is not afraid of the truth why are the 56 members of the O.I.C. pushing the U.N. so hard to pass a world wide law against defaming islam?  Is the satanic cult of islam not brave enough or strong enough to withstand criticism?  Why is it that when I or any other "infidels" quote direct verses, word for word,  from the unholy qur'an we are labeled racists, bigots, islamaphobes, etc..?

As a Christian, I want to share the Scriptures from The Holy Bible with everyone.  Especially unbelievers. If someone doesn't agree with the Scriptures, or is critical of them I don't hate them, I Pray for them. If they disrespect The Holy Bible, I don't call for their death,  I Pray for them.  It is up to Jesus Christ to punish that person in the way only He chooses, not up to man!  Try disrespecting the unholy qur'an in a predominately Muslim country and see where that gets you!

Islam, like all EVIL is afraid of the light of truth.  It can't withstand truth.  Instead of burning qur'ans we need to have public readings of the qur'an.  Let people really see what is in the EVIL book, not what is politically correct!

Christians MUST start exposing islam for what it really is, an EVIL CULT, and start sharing The Truth of Jesus Christ with Muslims.