Thursday, November 3, 2011


No pictures for this article.  No quotes from other sources.  Just commentary from the heart.

One week ago yesterday I was having a rough day. People may not believe it, but I take all the Prayer request on our Ministry page to heart.  I sincerely Pray for each and every request.  Sometimes I get so burdened by all the suffering so many are having to endure I just have to step away from it all for a few hours.  Last Wednesday was one of those days.

I decided to go to Lifeway Christian Bookstore to do some "window shopping."  I knew I couldn't really afford to buy anything, but just "rolling" around the store browsing through the Books and Bibles is usually very uplifting to me.  I spent between an hour and a half and two hours in the store.  It was peaceful and uplifting, but I was still unable to let go of the burbened heart.

There is a Kentucky Fried Chicken near that particular Lifeway.  Being a Baptist Preacher I have a weakness for fried chicken.  I usually won't allow myself to spend the money for KFC, but as I said it was a rough day, KFC was close, so....  As I sat in my van eating my chicken, my phone beeped letting me know I had a message.  I started not to answer it until I finished eating, but decided I needed to check it in case it was something important.  It was.

It was from a Preacher friend of mine from another country, for his safety I want say who or where. There was a video attached to the message.  He didn't say what it was about, only that I needed to watch it.  I downloaded the video to my phone and began to watch while eating my chicken.  Just a few seconds into the video I stopped eating.

Since I've been involved in the Ministry God has placed me in, I've recieved many videos like this one.  I've seen video's of Christians being burned alive, beheaded, stoned, hung, shot, beat, and watched forced amputations. I've seen horrible pictures, read horrible first hand accounts from survivors.  Perhaps it was just the mood I was in, but none of them prepared me for this.  I probably watch less than 5% of the video's that are sent to me.  They ALWAYS leave a hole in my heart.  Very seldom do I pass any of the videos or pictures on to others, I fear they would only make people even more afraid to share their Faith with Muslims.  I know Jesus wants us to Preach the Gospel to Muslims. So I usually just don't pass the videos or pictures on.

This video started with a young black man on his knees. One masked Muslim dressed black man stood on either side with one hand on his shoulder, their other hand each held a black "Rambo" style knife.  Behind those 2 men stood several others, in Muslim dress as well, also with their faces covered, holding automatic or semi-automatic rifles.  To the left of the young man on his knees was another man in in Muslim dress, with his face covered reading from the Qur'an.

The young man on his knees did not have his hands tied, yet he didn't attempt to resist or get away.  There was no frantic look on his face, no fear apparent in his eyes.  He just gazed steadily toward the camera.  As the one continued reading from the Qur'an, one of the knife holders began to rub the serrated edge over the mans head, almost as if he was trying to comb the young mans hair. Still nothing from the young man on his knees.  All he had to do to stop this madness was to disavow Jesus and convert back to Islam. He knew very well what was about to happen, yet I couldn't even detect that his breathing had acceleradited.

This young man knew he was only seconds away from dying a horrible, painful death, yet he was totally at peace.  He knew he could stop by simply saying he was wrong, yet he remained silent.  When the man finished reading from the Qur'an, the masked man, on the young mans right side began to saw, not cut, saw at the young mans throat.  The pain MUST have been horrible, yet the young man never screamed, never resisted.  The crowd behind the man with the camera was yelling Allah Akbar as the man sawed.

When the man finally finished sawing, he held the young mans head up high to the chants of Allah Akbar for all to see. Then he placed the young mans head down on the young mans stomach and put his lifeless hands around the head to hold it in place.  Then as an added insult he wiped the blood from his knife onto the young mans lifeless face.  I could still hear the sporadic Allah Akbar in the background as the video ended.

As I said I had been sitting in my van eating fried chicken when I started to watch the video.  Needless to say, I never finished another bite of that chicken.  I had seriously considered taking 3 days to a week off from the internet Ministry to try to get an emotional break.  I felt so guilty.  Here I had been feeling sorry for myself and thinking I needed/deserved a break. I threw the chicken away, drove home, turned the computer on and went to work.

I don't think another day will ever pass that I don't remeber this young man. His Faith was amazing!  I don't think another day will pass that I don't Pray for his family. Reading the Apostle Paul's words have always inspired me, but they take on even more meaning now.  I sent the video out to 6 other Preachers and two Deacons.  Only 2 were able to watch it before it had been scrubbed from the internet.  Liberals and Progressives don't want you seeing the madness that is Sharia.

Please join me in Praying Daily for the end of this Brutality under the excuse of Sharia Law.  Please join me daily in Praying for the family of this young man, and for all Persecuted Christians around the world!

I am Forever in the Service of Jesus Christ,


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