Thursday, October 6, 2011

Muslim Day Parade & Logan's Warning, N.Y, NY

Our Pal Christopher Logan at Logan's Warning once again scoops the Main Stream Media!  Chris was at The Muslim Day Parade in New York City and was able to get some great pictures and video's!  With some financial assistance from readers of Logan's Warning, (not enough), and the assistance of  Chris was also able to place the following flyers in strategic locations!

Where was the A.C.L.U.?

I'm sure the paricipants in the parade were not real crazy about the flyer's but I thought They were Great!!

As you will see from some of the pictures they had a pretty good turnout!  Of course the "Sharia Police" had to attend!

And lets not forget N.Y.P.D. Police Officers who were attending!

Ahh isn't that Muslim Hair coverings?  This is America.  Freedom of speech gives them the right to be able to do this.  The problems I have with it as a Preacher, a Christian, and an American are as follows:     

Look at this note from C.A.I.R., N.Y.

Dear friends,
CAIR-NY would like to invite you to attend a strategy meeting on Tuesday, October 4, for an urgent discussion of the NYPD-CIA “Demographics Unit” debacle.
WHAT: Town Hall Meeting to discuss NYPD/CIA “Demographics Unit” spying in the New York Muslim community
WHERE: International Action Center, 55 W 17th St, Suite 5C, New York, NY
WHEN: Tuesday, October 4 at 6:30pm
CONTACT: CAIR-NY Civil Rights Manager Cyrus McGoldrick, Phone: 203-206-6883              203-206-6883  , Email:
As you should have heard, the Associated Press has recently uncovered a covert and illegal NYPD unit which surveilled and collected intelligence on people and ideologically mapped communities based on their ethnic identity (“Ancestries of Interest”) rather than any suspicion of crime. The program was developed in the months after 9/11/01 with the help of CIA agents and is still in use, raising questions, concerns, and general outrage over the racist and illegal targeting of Muslim communities by the NYPD.
An NYPD Powerpoint presentation (supported by interviews of over 40 NYPD, CIA, and FBI agents by the Associated Press) show that this unit is tasked with investigating communities rather than crimes, mapping American Islam within 100 miles of New York City, spying on Muslims far outside of their jurisdiction, and identifying “ethnic hot-spots” in order to deploy undercover agents to “root out extremism.”
NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly and Mayor Michael Bloomberg have either been willfully ignorant or criminally evasive about the dangers of the spy program, and will not change anything until they are forced to by a court or government. We MUST educate, mobilize, organize and act to make our government and law enforcement accountable to us.
When our police criminalize our beliefs and our dissent, all Americans must stand up to defend our principles. Join us on Tuesday, October 4, at 7pm, to discuss strategies and projects for successfully dismantling the NYPD-CIA spy program, standing with and supporting affected communities. This meeting will be open to all concerned community members, leaders and organizations. We look forward to hearing your questions, concerns, and ideas at this and future organizing meetings.
Peace and Blessings,
Cyrus McGoldrick
Civil Rights Manager
Council on American-Islamic Relations — New York (CAIR-NY)
475 Riverside Drive, Suite 244
New York, NY 10115
Call 212.870.2002  Fax 212.870.2020

So, what we have here are Police Officers who are sworn to uphold the Law's of the City and State of New York, and the Constitution of the United States, attending the Muslim Day Parade, in Uniform, with their Muslim Headcoverings on, and the largest Muslim "Civil Rights" Organization trying to take down the N.Y.P.D.'s Anti-Terror Task Force.  Does anyone but me see a possible conflict of interest?

The following I left in the comment section of Logan's Warning. I wrote it in a comical way, but its a very real problem!

Chris, first thank you for bringing this exclusive to us, and for all you do. As you know I have been following LW for a long time now, and have NEVER been critical of any of your articles, however I’m a little disappointed in parts 1 & 2 of this one.

I’ve looked at all the video’s and you didn’t get any footage of the protesters!!!!
Surely since Islam has been in perpetual war for 1,400 years The Code Pinko Wacko’s and other anti-war groups were out in force!

Since Islam calls for death for ALL homosexuals I know Gay Pride and all of the Gay Rights groups must have had a MASSIVE protest!

Islam is destroying Africa even as I write this. Why didn’t you get pictures of the N.A.A.C.P., S.C.L.C., Revs. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Jeremiah Wright must have been there. Given the islamic modern day slave trade in Africa the Nation of Islam, the NEW Black Panthers, etc.. had to have been there!!!

We all are very aware of the lack of Civil Rights for women in Islamic dominated countries why didn’t you get video of N.O.W. and the other womens rights groups protesting?

Anarchists and Marxist would be imprisoned or executed in Islamic dominated countries so you could have at least got some video of the occupy wall street crowd that MUST have walked over to protest.

Lets not forget S.E.I.U., Richard Trumpka, Jimmy Hoffa Jr, and their friends had to be there because we ALL know what would happen to them if they went to leaders in an Islamic country and started making demands!

Where is the video of all the Atheists Groups and the A.C.L.U.? I know if I had a Christian Parade and blocked off the street for Prayer they would have been there. Surely you got video of them!

Islam calls for the destruction of Israel and death to all Jews. I’m disappointed you didn’t get at least a little video of the Jewish protesters.

You couldn’t at least get video of P.E.T.A.? I know they had to be there protesting the way Halal meat is slaughtered.

I guess what I’m most disappointed about is you didn’t get any video of Christians witnessing to Muslims passing out Bibles etc.. NYC has over 7,000 Christian Churches. Surely my fellow Pastor’s who lead Churches in that area had the parade route lined with their members Praying for Muslims to leave the EVIL CULT of islam? Couldn’t you have got us at least a 30 second video of that?

Oh well, maybe next year ;-)

All kidding aside thank you my friend for all you do!

I wrote that post in a kidding way about a very serious subject.  There truly are over 7,000 Christian Churches in NYC.  It's a shame they were not present in LARGE numbers passing out Bibles and Witnessing to Muslims!  You can read Chris's two articles on the parade at:

Leave Chris a comment in the comment section of Logan's Warning to let him know you appreciate his efforts!  Chris needs our support!

God Bless You All!


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  1. Outside of following Islamic Law, nothing the NYPD does will ever be enough. The Islamic list of demands for non-Muslims is endless. Maybe those protesters you were looking for will be there next year. After all, it was a Sunday. They must have been in Church!