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The Islamic Page of Terror, and the Shame of Those Who do Nothing to Stop It!

Feb. 2011- Father Marek Marius Rybinski was a thirty-four year old missionary going about his daily routine when his life was brutally taken in the school parking lot where he worked in the Tunis suburb of Manouba. He had multiple stab wounds and his throat was viciously slit.

A Christian mother of five was allegedly raped by two Muslim men last week, and area Islamists are threatening to harm her family if charges against the suspects are not dropped, the woman and her husband told Compass.
Obedient Women

Violence in northern Nigerian cities this past July by an extremist group left churches destroyed and over 700 dead, estimates say. Pastor Ojih was captured by armed assailants near his home in the city of Maiduguri. He had moved his family a day earlier to a safer area and returned to the then-compromised area because of his concern that a widow may have been stranded in her home there.
Following his capture, he was detained in a hostile camp. The possibility of freedom for a Christian came by renouncing one’s faith. Instead, Pastor Ojih was heard praying, singing and preaching. He insisted that it was better to die for Christ than to yield to spiritual compromise. Eventually, his activities brought him forcibly before the “warlord,” where his bold message to repent from evil fell upon hardened ears, and he was killed. Just before, fellow captives who later escaped said he whispered, “Tell my family that I died well.”
Pastor George Ojih
                                                                                             Pastor George Ojih.

A group of hard-line Muslims attacked a church building in Upper Egypt this afternoon, torching the structure and then looting and burning nearby Christian-owned homes and businesses.
The 3,000-strong mob of hard-line and Salafi Muslims gutted the Mar Gerges Church in the Elmarenab village of Aswan, then demolished much of its remains, multiple witnesses at the scene said. The mob also razed four homes near the church and two businesses, all Christian-owned. Looting was also reported.

A kidnapped Christian convert from Islam was found decapitated on Sept. 2 on the outskirts of Hudur City in Bakool region, in southwestern Somalia.

Juma Nuradin Kamil was forced into a car by three suspected Islamic extremists from the al Shabaab terrorist group on Aug. 21, area sources said. After members of his community thoroughly combed the area looking for him, at 2 p.m. on Sept. 2 one of them found Kamil’s body dumped on a street.

A woman seeking a divorce is shot to death along with her daughter in an 'honor killing', 9/27/2011 in Islamabad, Pakistan.

A suicide truck bombing that killed an estimated 70 people, including students hoping for foreign scholarships, underscores the intent of an Islamic militant group to ensure that Somalia  remains ungovernable and a secure base for its global struggle against the West.

U.S. officials say the Shabab, which claimed responsibility for the bombing Tuesday in Mogadishu,, the capital, appears to be strengthening its ties with Al Qaeda 's affiliate in Yemen . They fear it also is increasing cooperation with an extremist network in Nigeria.

In Somalia, the Shabab has blocked aid to famine victims and is reportedly driving thousands out of aid camps in what experts say may turn into a death march back to their farms. Many are unlikely to survive the effects of hunger and disease, analysts say.
Bombing in Somalia
Somalis carry the body of a man killed by an explosion in Mogadishu, the capital. A car laden with explosives blew up in front of the Education Ministry, killing scores of people. (Farah Abdi Warsameh, Associated Press / October 5, 2011)

Militia in Somalia bars food aid, rights group says
According to aid agencies, al Shabab bars aid shipments.

Nigeria’s extremist Islamist group has warned that it will not stop its terrorist attacks until the West African country adopts Sharia law.
Abu Qaqa, a spokesman for the group in an email message sent to journalists, written in Hausa language on October 2 articulated the group’s conditions for peace.

“The country would not have peace until there is 100 per cent implementation of Sharia law in the country as enshrined in the holy Quran as well as immediate release of all our members who were detained and in the custody of security agencies for no just cause,” reads pat of the email.

He reiterated the group’s resolve to continue with its terrorist activities targeting on the Nigerian government and its security agencies, should the federal government refuse to meet their demands.

The village chief in Mekargalih, along with members of the Islamic Defender Front, expels Christians from their place of worship for allegedly engaging in “proselytising” in a predominantly Muslim area. A Christian woman complains, “Police have no guts against this radical group.” Pancasila principles are violated.

Jakarta (AsiaNews) – A group of extremists from the Islamic Defender Front (FPI) have shut down a Protestant church in Jatinangor, in Bandung sub district, last Friday, the Muslim day of prayer. As in previous occasions in which Christian places of worship were seized and religious activities interrupted, the fundamentalists were aided and abetted by the local administration.

Recently, rumours spread according to which the Protestant church was a haven for a “community of newly baptised”. Extremists also accuse Rev Bernard Maukar, head of the Christian community, of engaging in proselytising in a predominantly Muslim area.

Arief Saefolah, village chief in Mekargalih (where the church is located), said he had the right to close down the place of worship as “illegal” because it was within his jurisdiction. “This area is under my authority,” he told the Christian community. “Please, get out as soon as possible.”

Tensions had been rising until last Friday’s showdown. Saefolah and other local security officials (Satpol PP), plus 30 FPI members, seized all Christian properties, including chairs, musical instruments, tables and cars.

A Christian woman from the community, known only by her nickname Pur, lamented the fact that police did not lift a finger to stop the “vandalism”. In her view, “police have no guts against this radical group.”

The village chief denied claims that he brought in FPI fundamentalists to shut down the church. However, he did urge Christians to “go elsewhere” to worship their faith.

Outraged, Christians had rejected the proposal because it would force them to undertake long trips. Besides, they note that Arief Saefolah’s orders violate the principles of Pancasila, which define modern Indonesia, based on pluralism and freedom of worship.

I didn't spend all the time and effort researching and putting this series of articles and pictures together to make Christians hate or fear Muslims.  Thats NOT what Jesus would want.  What I am trying to do is warn of the danger we ALL face from this EVIL CULT. 

It is ironic we hear from the mainstream media, from the liberal far left, from our politicians, these acts are not indicative of the vast majority of Muslims.  These acts of violence, religious persecution, etc.. are merely the acts of a very small amount of radical extremest.  If that were the case, and history proves it is NOT, where is the outrage from Muslim Imams?  Where is the outrage from the so-called Muslim Civil Rights groups.  The silence from C.A.I.R., M.P.A.C., M.S.A., I.S.NA. etc... is deafening.

Where is the outrage from the liberal left that goes ballistic over Prayers in Schools, The Ten Commandments in Judical Buildings, Nativity Scenes, the War against Terror, etc... Code Pink, A.C.L.U., George Soro's, Van Jones, Sojourners, The progressive "Social Justice Churches", where are you?  Where is your outrage?  Gays are beaten, imprisoned and executed, where is your outrage?

Womens Groups, where are you?  Do you not realize under Islam you would have no rights?  If women in the west were treated just 10% as bad as they are under Islam you ladies would be going insane protesting.  Where are you?  Where is your outrage?  What if the U.S.A. passed a law saying you could no longer drive?  You could no longer leave your house without a male relative?  You could no longer go to school?  If you were raped you must have 4 witnesses to bring a charge of rape?  If you commited adultery you would be stoned to death?  That if you disobeyed your husband he would be allowed to beat you?  That your husband could marry your daughter away before she had her first menstrual cycle? The silence from you is deafening?  What about honor killings?

Congressional Black Caucas, N.A.A.C.P., Jerimiah Wright, Nation of Islam, The New Black Panther's, Reverend Jesse Jackson, S.C.L.C., Reverend Al Sharpton, thousands of blacks in Africa are being killed yearly by Islamists.  al Shabab and Boko Harem refuse to allow aid into famine affected areas in Africa causing tens of thousands of slow agonizing deaths. Where is your outrage?  If it were whites from South Africa causing this horrible terror, death, and destruction you would be up in arms, rightfully so.  Yet you are strangely silent on these things as well as the modern day slave trade that goes on daily in the name of Allah.

To the liberal Jewish leaders and organizations where is your outrage?  The Islamists don't JUST want to destroy Israel, they want to kill ALL Jews no matter where they live!  This means you and your family!  The only difference in this and Nazism is that this is done in the name of an EVIL CULT some call "The Religion of Peace."

Now last, but certainly not least.  To my fellow Pastors, Preachers, Teachers, Ministers, Reverands, whatever title you go by.  Where is your outrage?  Why do you refuse to speak out against the danger to the Christian Church from Islam?  Is it that you are to lazy to study Islam to see what it really advocates? Is it that you are afraid?  Have you not studied what the Holy Bible says about False Prophets?  Have you read Revelations?

Christian Pastors, Missionary's, and Believers are murdered, raped, beat, tortured, imprisoned, and persecuted every day in the name of Islam, Allah, and Muhammed.  Where is your outcry?  Churches are destroyed, Bibles are burned, why do you remain silent?  You cannot solve the problems of Islam with "Inter-Faith" Councils, Organizations, or Dialouge.  You MUST read the Qur'an, its not like reading The Holy Bible.  Its only 463 small easy to read pages. Eduacte yourself about Islam, don't buy into this "Inter-Faith" mess!  Educate your "flock", so they aren't susceptable to Islamic Dawah. Share your Faith with Muslims!  Plant the seed!  Support Missionary's who share The Word of God with Muslims! College and Prison Ministry programs are so very important as these are very fertile recruiting grounds for Islamists!

May I remind my Christian Brothers and Sisters of the following:

2 John 1:7-11

New International Version 1984 (NIV1984)

 7 Many deceivers, who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh, have gone out into the world. Any such person is the deceiver and the antichrist. 8 Watch out that you do not lose what you have worked for, but that you may be rewarded fully. 9 Anyone who runs ahead and does not continue in the teaching of Christ does not have God; whoever continues in the teaching has both the Father and the Son. 10 If anyone comes to you and does not bring this teaching, do not take him into your house or welcome him. 11 Anyone who welcomes him shares in his wicked work.

The time to wake up is now! The time to act is now!

In His Service,


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