Thursday, September 8, 2011

Threats from Iran and Much Needed Prayers!

Threats from Iran and Much Needed Prayers!

In my last post I wrote of threats to a man who speaks out of Love of Jesus about the need to Pray for and share the Love of Jesus with Muslims.  There is no hate in this man, yet followers of the EVIL CULT of Islam have now threatened him with death. He and I as well as anyone who simply quote the Qu'ran are accused of hate speech, bigotry, or racism for simply quoting the Qu'ran, the Hadith or from The Reliance of The Traveller the Sunni Sharia Law Manual.

Last night I received an email from a good friend who is thinking of closing his website down at the end of the month.  He is worn down.  He has struggled with the fight of this EVIL for a long time.  He has been threatened not just by Islamists, but also by members of the radical left.  He's tired of spending the money, time, and effort to maintain his site, dig for fresh information to bring his readers, and not bring in enough donations and support to keep his site operating.

Yesterday I received an article from Family Security Matters, another excellent website.  I am posting a link to the article at the bottom of this post.  I hope you will all go to that post to read it.  Basically it says that the Iranian News Agency has published a list with names on it that Iran now considers "Enemies of the State".  The people on that list are people like I who speak out about the EVIL CULT of Islam. FSM reports, "
Iran’s Khomeinist news agency, Press TV – long recognized for its Jihadist-supporting broadcasts – has published what is being referred to as a veritable “hit piece” against many leading U.S. media companies, commentators, antiterrorism experts, legislators, and at least one presidential candidate – calling several by name – in what the news agency considers to be “The Roots of the Islamophobia Network in America.” And what observers fear may reveal a more sinister motive."

Enough is enough.  It is time to stand up to the EVIL CULT of Islam!!

First I want to assure you the recent events will not deter me from continuing to speak out.  Second I want to ask each of you to Pray for the safety of all those on the list. Third please pass this on to all you know. Fourth, and MOST important, Pray for the people whose pictures will be posted below.  We are in a Spiritual War.  We can not defeat the EVIL of Islam with our Military alone.  To defeat this EVIL CULT will require Divine Intervention.  We MUST Surround this EVIL CULT in Prayer!

I want to ask each of you to Pray often, Pray earnestly, and have Faith, if it is God's will He will answer your Prayers.  Please join me in Praying that God will do with these people as He did with the Apostle Paul and change their hardened hearts and lead them to The Love of Jesus Christ!!  What a powerful Testamony it will be when God leads these people out of the darkness and hate of Islam into The Light, Truth, and Love of Jesus Christ!!

When the US enetered Afghanistan after 9/11, they handed out decks of playing cards with pictures of the 52 most wanted terrorists on them.  My intent as I work on the followup articles I have promised is to Pray for guidance to develop a list with pictures of the 52 people worldwide who if their hearts were opened to Jesus Christ could have the largest impact in leading Muslims away from the EVIL CULT of Islam and to the Love of Jesus Christ. The first 5 along with their pictures are posted below.  Please print their pictures and join me in Praying they will accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and help lead other Muslims to do the same!

Ali Khamenei
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
Anwar al-Awlaki
Anjem Choudary
Keith Ellison
Muslim Member of U.S. Congress
Please everyone, this is NOT a call for violence, for hate, or anything like it.  This IS a call for Prayer!  Just imagine how this will show the AWESOME Power of Jesus Christ if these people will open their hearts to Jesus and leave the EVIL CULT of Islam!!  PLEASE Join me in Prayer!
Dear God, we know these souls are lost!  Father we beg you to open their hearts, lead them and their families away from the EVIL CULT of Islam!  Jesus please, before it is to late for their souls I Pray that you will open their eyes to the price you paid on the Cross that we ALL might be saved from our sins! Show them their wicked ways O Lord! Teach them O God that You are a Merciful, Loving God, and You desire them to change so they can spend eternity in Heaven with you, instead of spending eternity where they are headed and leading others!  Until they get on their knees, confess their sins to you Father, I Pray that You will place a burden on their hearts.  Show them Dear God that without You their is NO happiness, NO joy, NO peace! Please God I beg you to have The Holy Spirit enter their Hearts and lead them out of the Darkness of Islam!  Use them O Lord to show others how powerful You are that you could soften hardened hearts like these, just as you did The Apostle Paul!!  After You lead them to You Jesus, use them to lead others to You!
Please Pray that with me everyday.  As many times a day as you can! Below is the link to the FSM article, hopefully you will read it.
In His Service,

Iranian News Agency Publishes List of U.S. Citizens and Lawmakers 

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