Tuesday, September 6, 2011

If Islam is "The Religion of Peace", How Can Quoting the Qu'ran be Considered Hate Speech?!

If Islam is "The Religion of Peace", how can quoting the Qu'ran be hate speech?

I have asked myself this question many times.  I've asked myself as Gert Wilders and others in Europe have been charged with criminal offenses for quoting the Qu'ran.  I've asked myself this as I've watched friends be punished by facebook for quoting the Qu'ran.  Today is different.

There is a group on fb who speak out about Islam out of love.  They also have their own webpage.  The leader of this group is a Godly man.  He NEVER Preaches hate.  He merely teaches The Word of God.  He asks for Prayers for those who follow Islam, to find the Love of Jesus.  He teaches that as Christians we are NOT to hate.  Now this Godly man has had his life threatened. fb has threatened to close the group he started citing hate speech.  This Godly man I am speaking of has no hate in his heart, only love.  The only thing he is guilty of that could remotely be considered hate speech is direct quotes from the Qu'ran.  For this he has his life threatened!  For this fb threatens to close his group?  For this he has had to change his web page to a US company to try to keep his web page open?!  If Islam was "The Religion of Peace", how could these things happen?

Please Pray for this man, his work and his group.  I will not name him for his safety, but God knows him and will know who you are Praying for!  Please be Thankful if you live in a country like the USA where we are still free to speak the truth!

After you Pray, please ask yourself the following questions:

If Islam is "The Religion of Peace" why:

Would the UN, the 56 Muslim Countries and The USA State Department be pushing for a world law, that would in effect make any non-Muslim guilty of hate speech for pointing out the Qu'ranic Verses, or Hadith that speak of Terror, War, Pedophlia, Slavery, Conquest, Rape etc...

Why would many European Countries already have laws that make it a criminal offense?

Why would CAIR, MAS and other Islamic groups in the USA be lobbying for the same type of laws here?

Why would people be labeled as racists and bigots for simply pointing out the Qu'ranic verses and Hadith that COMMAND EVIL acts?

Why would CURRENT Sunni Shari Law call for Death for Apostasy, Blasphemy, or Sharing the Word of Jesus Christ with Muslims?

Think of these things, Pray about them.  If you are in agreement contact your Congress Person and tell them to VETO this law if and when it comes before the UN!

In His Service,


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