Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ramadan 2011 Part 3

Well the numbers are in.  Ramadan 2011 is over, now its time for the survivors to pick up the pieces.  These numbers will go up as they are updated and more news is made available. Most of this post came from The Religion of Peace.  There will be a couple of posts today that will primarily be copy and paste articles from sites with a small amount of commentary from me.  I hate doing it this way but it is information that I feel is very important to get out to all of you, and I am really overwhelmed with some info I've received that I have to work on.  So far what I'm working on will be an exclusive, I haven't seen it anywhere else yet, and is VERY IMPORTANT.

As expected, the Religion of Peace crushed the competition again
 this Ramadan and restored the terror crown to its rightful owner.
  In a
clean sweep, at least 180 Quran-inspired Muslims killed over ten times as many people as were murdered by Norway's
Anders Breivik  in July.

The numbersfor Ramadan 2011 so far are:

180 Terror attacks committed by ISLAMIC TERRORISTS,  785 DEATHS!

Please remember when you go to Logan's Warning, The Religion of Peace, or Creeping Sharia, these Patriots work hard to bring you the info and they work almost entirely off of donations. Any help you can give them to help support their work would be greatly appreciated by them.  Its getting more and more expensive for all of these good bloggers to bring you this info free. Many of the good news sites we used to go to  get news to sift thru and compile to bring you news without having to spend the time going thru literally hundreds of sites have started charging a yearly fee to access their info. These "membership fees" are going to eventually force the individual bloggers to either reduce the amount of places they search for info, which will greatly effect the amount of news available;  rely even more on donations; or go to opinion only "news."

I'm not being critical of the sites that have "membership fees", they have to survive also.  For instance Dr Pipes at MEMRI, there is no telling how much it cost to operate that site. Dr Pipes is a pioneer in this field and provides an invaluable service to the USA and Israel!  He has a large staff of interpreters and analyst's that monitor arabic language news outlets, website's etc.. and also Jihadist's websites. We all owe Dr Pipes a tremendous debt. He and his organization have been a tremendous asset to the security of the USA.

Enough on that, back to the issue of Ramadan.  Please keep the families of those who lost loved ones in these inhuman attacks in your Prayers.  Please keep the survivors in your Prayers. Please continue to Pray for Divine Intervention in stopping the spread of this EVIL CULT called Islam!

In His Service,


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