Friday, August 26, 2011

Please Pray for Mehek Masih!

I don't think I have ever copied and pasted an entire article before.  Usually I'll copy and paste parts of an article or articles and tell where the entire article can be found.  This one however touched my heart in a way that I felt the need to copy and paste the entire article.  I ask you after you read this to please get on your knee's and Pray for 14 year old Mehek Masih and her family.  As I think of the horror this young girl and her family are going through, my heart aches!

I know what I ask of you next is more difficult, but I ask that you also Pray for the kidnappers and for Tayeb Butt who plans to make her convert to Islam and use her as his Mistress.  Please Pray that God will soften their hearts and lead them away from the EVIL that is Islam before they destroy this innocent young child!

I am Blessed to have a Daughter, maybe that is one of the reasons this touched my heart so much.  As a Dad I can't even begin to imagine what Mr Masih is going through. The pain would have to be almost unbearable.  I Pray that God will comfort him and help his Faith stay strong!  I Pray for Mrs Masih.  I Pray god will comfort her and help her cope.  I Pray for Mehek.  I Pray God will help her stay strong.  I Pray that He will help her keep from giving up.  I Pray that He will deliver her from this EVIL!  I beg all who read this to Pray with me!

Thank you in advance for your Prayers,

In His Service,


Here is the article from AsiaNewsNet:

Punjab: Muslims kidnap 14 year old Christian to convert her to Islam
Mehek Masih was taken from her home in broad daylight and under the threat of a gun. Muslim man intends to "purify her" making her "Muslim and my mistress." Archbishop Saldanha cases of this type are "frequent," the law does not protect minorities. One of the many "crosses" that Pakistani Christians have to endure.

Lahore (AsiaNews) - A group of Muslims have kidnapped a 14 year old Christian girl from her home under the threat of a gun and in front of witnesses. The incident occurred on August 17 last in Shisharwali, residential area of the city of Gujranwala, Punjab. According to reports from the Pakistan Christian Post (PCP), Mohammad Tayeb Butt along with four other Muslims raided the house of Rashid Masih in broad daylight, pointed the gun to the head of his daughter Mehek forcing her to climb aboard a white car .

Two young Christians, Imran Masih and Mehboob Masih, tried to rescue the girl, but Mohammad Tayeb pointed the gun at them and threatened to shoot. "She is a Choori" the Muslim shouted, at Mehek, using derogatory and insulting Punjab slang, to define a Christian (for example, when Muslim restaurant owners or street food vendors reject minority religious customers, ed) . He also added that the Choori Mehek will be purified "convert to Islam and become my mistress."

Sources report that the local Christian activists from the All Pakistan Minorities Alliance (APMA) have tried to report the incident to the police. But the agents did not want to open an investigation - as is often the case - at the expense of an influential Muslim personality.

Interviewed by AsiaNews, the Archbishop Emeritus of Lahore and former president of the Pakistan Catholic Bishops' Conference Mgr. Lawrence John Saldanha stresses that such cases are "common in Pakistan," and families "can do little or nothing" to save the victims from their captors. He adds: "The Muslim family has an advantage, because the law favors them."

Added to the tragedy of the kidnapping, the prelate continues, are "the future difficulties that the unfortunate young girl will suffer in the Muslim family." These are "sad and tragic" episodes for the Christian community and represent, concludes Mgr. Saldanha, "one of the many crosses that the small minorities (even the Hindus) without hope must bear in Pakistan." (DS)

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