Monday, August 8, 2011

Persecuted by Islam!

Persecuted by Islam!
There comes a time when we have to stand up and say enough is enough! What is it going to take for our Churches to wake up to the threat of Islam? What is it going to take for our PC Society to understand? How many more innocent people have to die before the current U.S. Administration calls Islamic Terrorism what it is?

Look at what is happening in Somalia:
The U.N. on Wednesday declared three new regions in Somalia famine zones, bringing the total number to five. Out of a population of roughly 7.5 million, the U.N. says 3.2 million Somalis are in need of immediate lifesaving assistance.

Getting aid to Somalia has been made more difficult because al-Qaida-linked militants control much of the country's most desperate areas. Al-Shabab has denied that a famine is taking place, and won't give access to the World Food Program, the world's biggest provider of food aid. Al-Shabab denies it is taking place yet they refuse to allow the aid to get to The Christians in the south and confiscate the food and water! The pictures smuggled out of that region will break your heart!


NEW DELHI – Four months after a recent convert to Christianity from Islam in eastern India’s West Bengal state was stripped and beaten, about 50 Muslim extremists yesterday disrupted a prayer meeting held in her home, threatening to burn it down if she did not return to Islam, area Christians said. In Natungram, Murshidabad district, Muslim extremists held three Christian women for an hour on July 21, threatening to beat and burn them alive if they continued worshipping Christ, area Christians said. You can read more on these events at The Christian

Islamabad (AsiaNews) – Another young Christian woman in Pakistan has been abducted and forced to convert to Islam and marry her kidnapper. Despite a formal complaint, police did not intervene because the author of the crime is a “respectable businessman”. Local Muslim religious authorities also claim that the woman’s conversion was legal. Read more on this at Asia

From 10/01/2001 until 7/10/2010 there have been more than 600 deadly terror attacks by Islamists on Christians resulting in more than 3,626 deaths and more than 6,983 wounded! These are only attacks on Christians! This doesn’t count the rapes, torture, kidnappings, forced conversions, imprisonment, or slavery! This list doesn’t count the terror attacks on non-Christians. This list is conservative. It is compiled from news sources, many attacks on Christians are never reported.

Since 9/11/2001 there have been more than 17,564 DEADLY terror attacks committed by Islamists. That’s not 17,564 deaths, many of the attacks and 10’s and even hundreds killed! Again, this is a conservative number and does not include rapes, torture, kidnappings, forced conversions, imprisonment, or slavery. You can read more on this at The Religion of

How can we continue to allow the PC crowd and the Islamic Apologists say Islam is a “Religion of Peace” and it has merely been hijacked by a “handful of radicals” ? So far, in the first 7 days of Ramadan more than 32 Terror attacks and more than 78 deaths, in this Islam’s “Holiest” month.

We Christians must wake up to the threat from the evil cult of Islam. We must start Prayer groups in every Church, in every denomination and Surround our Muslim Brothers and Sisters in Prayer. We must Pray often and earnestly that God will draw them away from the evil cult of Islam! We must get over our fear, put on the Armor of God and share The Word of God with them. We have to realize that Islam is the fastest growing so called Religion in the world, there are an estimated 1.57 BILLION Muslims in the world whose souls are condemned for following their false prophet and the antichrist. It is our Christian duty to share The Word of God with them.

Don’t take my word for all of this. Educate yourself. Look at the Pew Research polls. Read Dr Mark Gabriel’s books, go to you tube and listen to his testimony. Read the Reliance of the Traveler the Islamic Law manual. The Hadith or The Un-Holy Qur’an. Read Joel Richardson’s book, “ The Islamic Anti-Christ”.

There are many great books on this subject, and many great websites. Below is a partial list of the websites I check daily.

Logan’s Warning
A Time to Betray
The Religion of Peace
Jihad Watch

Creeping Sharia
The Investigative Project on Terrorism
ICC- The Persecuted Church
Christian Post
Voice of The Martyrs
The Mid East Forum- Daniel Pipes
Answering Islam-
Br.Sam Shamoun a Christian Apologist to IslamFamily Security Matters
The Muslim Mafia” and “A Time to Betray” are must read books!

In addition to the books I’ve already mentioned, any books by the following Authors are great resources.

Andrew McCarthy, Brigette Gabriel, Robert Spencer, Steven Emerson, Daniel Pipes, Daveed Garenstein-Ross and many others.

The time to act is now before its to late! Please Pray with me!

In His Service,

Dan Cox

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  1. Thank you for this Dan.

    Yes, we must pray that Muslims will be released from the bondage of Islam. Yes, we must put on the armour of God, and not be afraid to say to people that many Muslims are trying right now to expand the Muslim Empire. We must not be afraid to tell the stories of the victims of the Muslim brutality that is taking place all over the world.