Friday, August 19, 2011

Persecuted by Islam in Malaysia!

Lina Joy, a former Muslim who converted to Christianity, known as Azlina Jailani before she converted from Islam, has been trying to change her Religious status to Christian in Malaysia since 1997! After years of court battles, appeals, death threats, etc.. 10 days ago The Supreme Court ruled Lina must go before the Sharia Court to be granted the right to convert.

Malaysian lawyers say the sharia court has never granted permission for a Malaysian Muslim to convert out of Islam, according to a Straits Times article.

Article 11 of the Malaysian Constitution gives every person the right to change his or her religion; but Article 3 declares Islam to be the official religion of the state. The dual court system in Malaysia also complicates matters. A person who converts out of Islam is called an "apostate" – which sharia law regards apostasy as a criminal offense. In extreme application of sharia law, apostasy is punishable by death. Lina Joy has gone into hiding after extremists issued death threats against her and the lawyers supporting her cause.

Escalating furor over the latest stage in Joy's lengthy struggle to change her religious status has led Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi to order a halt to all public debate on the issue. Despite converting to Christianity in 1990, Joy is still legally identified as a Muslim.

Worthy News reports:

Muslims in Malaysia have demanded that action be taken against those who proselytize Muslims to Christianity as 22 Islamic non-governmental organizations called for laws banning apostasy.

The NGOs issued a statement stressing their commitment to "defending the faith of Muslims held in this country from … encroachment," according to the Malaysian Insider and Malaysiakini. The NGOs sought to uphold existing legislation against proselytizing Muslims while calling for stronger laws against conversions.

"We stressed that matters relating to the faith of Muslims are very sensitive issues that could affect racial harmony, thus calling on all parties not to act against the stipulated law," the statement said. "We unanimously resolve to safeguard the Islamic faith in this country from any form of transgression in accordance to Islam's position as the religion of the federation and existing laws, as well as call for an anti-apostasy law."

PAS Youth Chief Nasrudin Hassan said that all previous appeals for anti-apostasy laws were rejected in Parliament: while Islam was a "religion of discourse," a law was needed "to curb and control those who will no longer listen to arguments".

The call for an apostasy law came as the Selangor Islamic Religious Department submitted a preliminary report of its recent raid on a church fund-raising dinner to the Selangor chief minister; the raid at the Damansara Utama Methodist Church in Petaling Jaya followed allegations that Christians were proselytizing their Muslim guests.

Please visit Compass Direct and Worthy News for more on Lina Joy’s story. Much of the above came from their sites.

Many who read this may think, “What’s the big deal about being legally identified as a Muslim, she can still worship God in secret?” It really is a very big deal.

Under Sharia law a Muslim is not allowed to marry a non-Muslim. If Lina has children, they must also be legally identified as Muslim, which means they also must be raised as Muslim, and they must also marry a Muslim. So not only is Lina at great risk. Any children she may have or want to have will have either their soul or their earthly life in jeopardy. Anyone on her legal team’s lives are in jeopardy and any other Muslim living in Malaysia who desires to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior will be in even more fear and danger. Under Sharia a Christian is not allowed to publicly share their Faith.

Malaysia’s laws also place any Christian Missionaries in danger of imprisonment, torture, and or death. Sharia law must be stopped. Everywhere Sharia rears its EVIL head it brings with it death and destruction. It is our Christian duty to stand with all of the Lina Joy’s and the Asia Bibi’s of this world. It is our Christian duty to stand against Sharia Law, whenever and wherever we find it.

For those who think speaking out against Sharia is just being an “Islamaphobe” I strongly encourage you to purchase a copy of “ The Reliance of The Traveller”. This is the Sharia Law manual. It is accepted by alAzhar University which is the leading Islamic University in the world. It was first published in 1991, updated in 1994, so that takes away the argument of “ That’s how Sharia used to be, its different today.” What you will read in The Reliance of The Traveller is Sharia the way it was, the way it is, the way it always will be.

If and when you read that book you will see why it is so important all of the states in America that are proposing anti-Sharia laws are successful. Its ironic that the ACLU is assisting CAIR and other Islamic Organizations in law suits to prevent the anti-Sharia laws from being passed. If Sharia is ever imposed in the US the ACLU will be one of the first organizations forever closed! If and when you read the book you will be both amazed and appalled at everything Sharia covers.

More on the evil of Sharia in the near future! For now, please keep Lina Joy and Asia Bibi in your Prayers!

In His Service,



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