Monday, August 15, 2011

Muslim Mafia Book Review

Muslim Mafia

P. David Gaubatz and Paul Sperry

I rate this book a 9.5 out of 10

This book is a must read before the 2012 Presidential and Congressional Elections!  You must get a copy while you can!  CAIR has sued the publisher trying to prohibit more books from being sold.  Dave Gaubatz, former Agent, Air Force Office of Special Investigations and his son Chris at great personal risk, bring us inside the secret underworld that is conspiring to Islamize America and the entire world!

From his work with the Air Force, Dave knew about CAIR.  He suspected much more than he could prove.  He and his son Chris devised a plan for Chris to try to land a job with CAIR as an intern.  They hoped Chris would be able to gain employment with CAIR and uncover the "smoking gun" that would finally prove to the world CAIR was not a human and civil rights organization as they try to portray themselves but rather a well-funded conspiracy to destroy American society and promote "radical Islam."  After reading the book I suspect they were much more successful than even they ever dreamed!

After gaining the trust of CAIR executives, intern "David Marshall" ( Chris Gaubatz ) was tasked with shredding internal CAIR documents. He was able to save many of these documents that CAIR never intended the public to see.  This book should be required reading for every  Law Enforcement Officer and politician or anyone running for an elected office in the United States and every Free Country in the world!  The entire free world owes a debt of gratitude to Dave, Chris, and Paul Sperry for bringing the information in this book to light. Evil can't withstand light!

A few of the allegations in the book:

1.)  CAIR planted spies inside key Law Enforcement Agencies.

2.)  CAIR has ties to al-Qaida

3.)  The group is running an inflence operation against members of key homeland security committees on Capital Hill

CAIR has sued to try to prevent sales of this eye-opening book. MSRP for this book is $25.95.  Purchase a copy while you still can.  If you are able go to the Muslim Mafia website and contribute to the legal defense fund.  This book needs to be in the library of every freedom loving American!

I have a personal library of more than 60 books on this subject and add to the list often.  I purchase each of these books, not a single one has been provided by either author or publisher.  I owe no one a "good review" for providing free books or anything else.  You get my unbiased opinion. Over the next few months I will be reviewing each of them.

God Bless and good reading!

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