Sunday, August 14, 2011

Does Everyone Go To Heaven? - Faith Making Sense

Does Everyone Go To Heaven? - Faith Making Sense

This is a great article from Pastor Robbie Weems. Pastor Weems has dedicated his life to helping "Faith make sense" especially to young people and "new" Christians. Brother Robbie is one of my mentors. He has shared his library with me and always been there to help me in my studies. God Blessed Robbie with the ability to help other's grow in their Christian Faith and understand how to apply their Faith in their everyday life. If you live anywhere near the Odenville, Al. area and don't have a Church home, try Calvary Baptist Church. I think you will really get a lot out of the messages God gives Robbie to share. If you don't live close you can listen to the messages on Calvary's website. The website is

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