Monday, July 18, 2011

3 Videos every American and especially every Christian should watch!

I am going to link to 3 videos I hope you all will watch.  I wouldn't watch all 3 of them in one setting.  I think you need a little time to let each one sink in.  One of the chilling thing about the first 2 is they were recorded in a suburb of Chicago within the last 30 days!  Another are the chants of Allah Akbar.  In all 3 video's pay attention to the 3 men who are speaking.  They aren't "wild-eyed radicals".  As another Pastor I know said, " They look like they could be  college professors."

These are their plans, in their words.  An interesting statistic before you watch the videos, especially for those who believe the main stream media, CAIR, the Bush ( Even though I'm a big fan of both President Bush's) administration, the Obama administration, or even liberal Pastors, that only a very small percentage of Muslims are radicals (devout).  According to Dr. Mark Gabriel a former Imam and Professor of Islamic Studies at al Azhar University in Egypt, now a born again Christian, Praise The Lord! 10% of all Muslims are devout (radical), another 25% are "on the fence", it only takes a little to push them over the edge. Do the math, 10% 0f 1.57 Billion = 157,000,000. 25% of 1.57 Billion = 392,500,000 for a combined total of 549,500,000 POTENTIAL devout (radical) Muslims. Really sounds like a tiny minority doesn't it?

Please don't think those stats mean I hate Muslims, I don't.  Please don't think those stats mean that I think all Muslims are "bad people", I don't.  I do know Islam is EVIL.  One has only to read the Qur'an, The Reliance of The Traveller, ( The Islamic Law manual) or the aHadith to see that. Anyone who studies World History should be able to see it.  Most of all anyone who studies their Bible and has just a minimal knowledge of Islam should be able to see it.

Please watch the video's at the 3 links below.  There are 2 video's on the first link, you need to watch the 25 minute one.  Excuse some of the wild or profane comments in the comment section.  I wouldn't totally skip over the comments though.  There are some very, very intelligent comments.  This website has some of the most knowledgeable people who comment on a regular basis than any of the other sites about Islam I read.

Thanks in advance for watching the video's. Feel free to share this blog anytime you would like. God Bless you all!

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